The Family Table

Feeding the Faith of LEFC Families

TFT: Stay Sharp!

Dear LEFC Parents, Here’s some fuel for your family’s faith this week: Worldview Training for Youth Tonight, the youth class starts learning, TACTICS: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions. It starts at 7pm upstairs…

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TFT: Really Radical!

Dear LEFC Parents, Reminders for the week ahead: Snack and Yack Today was the second Sunday for this new ministry designed for young people (approximately…

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TFT: The Columbo Tactic

Dear LEFC Parents, Here is quick list of things to keep in mind for family discipleship this week: Snack and Yack Today was the first…

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TFT: Crank It To 11!

Dear LEFC Parents, Your kids are being discipled by something or someone all the time–by their peers, schools, and social media or by parents, their family,…

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TFT: You Need a News Coach

Dear LEFC Parents, We’re one month away from the LEFC Wild Game Dinner with outdoorsman Mark Ledford. Some of our families use it every year as…

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TFT: 5 Things To Pray For Your Kids

Dear LEFC Parents, Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you make disciples of the children in your home: Worldview Training for Youth…

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