Lanse Free Church - October 2023.

What To Expect When Visiting Lanse Evangelical Free Church

We're looking forward to meeting and worshipping with you!

Service Times
Our main meeting is our Worship Celebration which begins at 10:00 am every Sunday at our church campus in Lanse.

We are broadcasting our services to the parking lot on 89.5FM.  Resources and materials for our outdoor services are available on tables just inside the door.

When you enter the building, you'll be warmly welcomed by one of our greeters and handed a bulletin that is full of information about what's going on that morning and throughout the week. Most of this information is posted beforehand on our News Page.

What to Wear
People come wearing a wide range of clothes on Sunday mornings. Many people like to dress up. Many folks dress casually. Some are in jeans and a t-shirt. Some wear dresses and three-piece suits. Whatever you choose will be acceptable.

Nursery + Kids Bible Classes
LEFC NurseryDuring the Worship Celebration, infants and children younger than 3 years old are dismissed to the Nursery. A nursery worker from our congregation will care for them so that you can hear the message and apply it to your life.
All of our child care volunteers have had their security clearances.

Children ages 3 through 3rd grade are also dismissed at that time to a Kids Bible Class program where they are taught biblical principles on a level that connects with them. They'll meet you in the foyer after the worship celebration is over.

The purpose of our Worship Celebration is to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. We do this in a variety of ways, but a typical worship celebration might follow this outline:

  • Worship in Singing & Sharing
    A combination of traditional and contemporary worship songs led by a worship band and vocal team.
    We encourage people to sit and sing if they find it difficult to stand the whole time.
  • Church Family News
    Announcements about happenings in, around, and through the Church.
  • Worship in Prayer
    A focus on particular needs and the advancement of the Gospel.
  • Worship in Giving
    An opportunity to give an offering. As our guest, please don't feel compelled to give at this time.
  • Worship in the Word
    Pastor Matt normally gives the message, explaining and applying God's Holy Word.
    Previous weeks' messages are available on CD for free in the foyer. You can also listen to sermons and download them online. Past sermon series are available to borrow from our Library.
  • Worship At the Lord's Table
    On the first Sunday of the month and other special occasions, we eat and drink a memorial meal proclaiming the Lord's death until He comes again. All believers but only believers are invited to eat and drink from the Lord's Table with us.
  • Closing Prayer

Pastor Matt often gives an opportunity to publicly respond to the message. There is also a designated Prayer Room where you can confidentially pray with a Prayer Team leader about anything on your heart and mind.

After the Worship Celebration, we like to gather in the foyer (which can accommodate more than 150 people!) to enjoy a coffee, talk, and visit. And when the weather is nice, most of the kids take off for the Ark Park -- our campus playground used by the whole community!

If there is any way we can make you feel more comfortable before you come, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Lanse Free Church

255 Cotohisc Road
Lanse, PA 16849
Phone: 814.345.6500

Worship Service: Sunday, 10:00am

Prayer Meeting: Wednesday, 7:00pm