We exist to glorify God by bringing people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ through worship, instruction, fellowship, evangelism, and service.

Glorify God

We exist for the magnification of God's glory. Magnification, not like a microscope--that makes something small bigger, but like a telescope--making something unimaginably great visible to the eye that couldn't see it before.

Bringing People into a Life-changing Relationship with Jesus Christ

We exist to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ and help them understand His amazing love and to love Him with all that is in them.

Through Worship, Instruction, Fellowship, Evangelism, and Service.

These are the five main tools in our toolbox for accomplishing our purposes:

Worship: Loving Jesus

Instruction: Learning of Jesus

Fellowship: Linking in Jesus

Evangelism: Luring to Jesus

Service: Living for Jesus

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