The Genealogy of Jesus – 10 December 2017

This week we begin a new sermon series. The Gospel of Matthew is a wonderful book full of spiritual treasure. We are going to learn all kinds of glorious things as we study it together.

Matthew is a theological biography of the Lord Jesus Christ and is the most Jewish of the four gospels. It may have been written specifically to reach the Jews with the gospel. Matthew quotes the Old Testament again and again and again, and one of his favorite words is the word “fulfill.” There are like 60 Old Testament references in this book, and Matthew shows how Jesus fulfills them all. We’re going to learn so much about Jesus and how to follow Him in these sacred pages. I’m really excited to get started. And the book even starts out really exciting. It begins with a 17 verse genealogy!

Be encouraged that Jesus will realize all of God’s promises, He will rule all of God’s Kingdom, and He will rescue all of God’s people.

Pastor Matt preaching on Matthew 1: 1-17.

Full manuscript available at Pastor Matt’s blog.

Our sermon audio joins in part way through this week’s message. Read the introduction at the blog, then you can
listen here or “Right-Click” and “Save-as” to download the sermon:

The Genealogy of Jesus – 10 December 2017

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