The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ – 26 November 2017

Our series is called “The Truth of the Gospel” because that’s what was at stake in Galatia. The churches that Paul had planted and loved so much had been infiltrated by false teachers who were insisting that the Christians in the region of Galatia take on obedience to the Mosaic Law to be justified before God on the last day and to show their reliance on keeping the Law by having all of the men circumcised. We’ve reached the closing paragraph in Paul’s letter to the churches in the region of Galatia. And he doesn’t just say “goodbye” like he normally does. He started this letter with a bang, and he ends it with a bang, as well.

As we close out this sermon series, Pastor Matt reminds us to cling to the cross of our Lord Jesus. He encourages us to remember these two things: Don’t Minimize His Cross. Boast in His Cross.

Pastor Matt preaching on Galatians 6:11-18.

Full manuscript available at Pastor Matt’s blog.

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The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ – 26 November 2017

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