So You Are No Longer a Slave – 28 August 2017

Our sermon series is called “The Truth of the Gospel” because that was what was a stake in Galatia. Trouble was brewing in Galatia, and Paul picked up his pen to try and quell the problems. The problem was that the Christians in the region of Galatia were being tempted to believe a false-gospel, an alternative gospel, a gospel that is really no gospel at all. Paul has fired up the alarm with this letter and is warning and admonishing the Galatians to not give in to the destructive false teaching that has been spreading like gangrene in their midst.And here’s what they are being told…that faith in Jesus Christ is not enough.

This week we reach one of the most glorious descriptions of the gospel of Jesus Christ there ever was. Pastor Matt reminds us of three things we are. We are: Sons, Heirs, and Known by God.

Pastor Matt preaching on Galatians 4:1-11.

Full manuscript available at Pastor Matt’s blog.

Listen here or “Right-Click” and “Save-as” to download the sermon:

So You Are No Longer a Slave – 28 August 2017

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