Keep In Step With the Spirit – 15 October 2017

Our sermon series is called “The Truth of the Gospel.” The Galatian churches, founded by Paul himself, were on the brink of spiritual disaster.

False teachers had snuck into these churches and had just about convinced the Galatians to believe a different gospel than the one Paul had taught them. They were teaching that the believers must also take on the Law of Moses in order to be saved.

In chapter 5, which is where we are now, Paul has brought it all to a climax and reminded the Galatians that it was for freedom that Christ had set them free so they shouldn’t go back to a yoke of slavery to the Law. But also that they shouldn’t use this freedom to indulge their flesh, their sinful nature.

Jesus has brought us freedom from sin, not freedom to sin. Living with both sin and the Spirit is hard. There is a battle going on inside each one of us. So what do we do with this? We trust Him because: 1. The Spirit will Win His Fight. 2. The Spirit will produces His Fruit. 3. The Spirit Has Given Us New Life.

Pastor Matt preaching on Galatians 5:16-25.

Full manuscript available at Pastor Matt’s blog.

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Keep In Step With the Spirit – 15 October 2017

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