In Secret – 13 May 2018

We are still in the Gospel of Matthew, and we’re still in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. But today we are turning the corner from chapter 5 which had in it the Beatitudes and the “But I Tell You’s” into chapter 6. And now, He’s going to say even more about this greater righteousness. Specifically, He’s going to tell us how to practice our righteousness or to do our acts of righteousness.

By now we should know that He’s going to be driving towards our hearts. It’s not enough to just do our acts of righteousness on the outside. King Jesus will require us to do our acts of righteousness from the inside to the outside. Because He wants us to be whole.

Ponder these three questions: 1. Am I trying to impress people with my righteousness? 2. Am I living out my righteousness before God alone? 3. What changes do I need to make in my acts of righteousness?

Pastor Matt preaching on Matthew 6: 1-18

The audio for this message was not obtained, but the full manuscript is available at Pastor Matt’s blog.

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