I’m So Glad I’m a Part – 30 July 2017

LEFC turns 125 years old this year. To mark this 125th year, Pastor Matt will preach a special set of sermons over the course of the whole year that revisit and reflect and reconnect with the core values that have under-girded and shaped our church for the last 125 years. This series is called “Gospel Roots (1892-2017)” because it’s will be about going back to the basics, back to the foundational root system that our church is based upon and gets its life from. We will remind ourselves again and again who we are, where we came from, and what we are here together for. Our Gospel Roots.

Pastor Matt talks to us about loving one another as a church family. We need to love each other because Jesus commands us to. We need to love each other as Jesus showed us how to. We need to love each other to show Jesus to others.

Pastor Matt preaching on John 13:34-35

There is no sermon audio for this message, but you can read the full manuscript at Pastor Matt’s blog.

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