Hidden Treasure – 16 July 2017

We’ve had a great Family Bible Week. Lots of good food, good fun, good fellowship, and a really good time the Word of God. Every single one of our classes, including the teens and adults, have spent the week studying some of the greatest short stories ever told in human history. The Parables of Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ parables are earthly stories with a heavenly meaning, that is to say Jesus told these stories to illustrate spiritual truth. They aren’t just nice stories, but stories with punch.

The Kingdom of Heaven is so valuable. It is worth whatever it takes. So what do you need to change to reflect that?

Pastor Matt preaching on Matthew 13:44.

Full manuscript available at Pastor Matt’s blog.

Listen here or “Right-Click” and “Save-as” to download the sermon:

Hidden Treasure – 16 July 2017

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