Grumbling (Part Two) – 5 May 2013

Continuing with part two of our grumbling message, Pastor Matt uses Numbers 11 to teach us some important truths about complaining. God takes grumbling and rebellious complaining seriously because God is Holy. But the problem with complaining is not just that God is holy, so we shouldn’t grumble, but that God is generous so we shouldn’t do it! In God’s eyes, complaining amounts to rebellion. But does God break covenant with us? No. He’s faithful. Don’t grumble! Sometimes we struggle with our circumstances and grumble, but we need to ask this question: Is anything to difficult for the LORD? No way! “He is able, more than able!” God is Powerful. But His power isn’t used willy-nilly. He isn’t moody and capricious. God is just. The good news is that I can keep from grumbling because of the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ. If you belong to Jesus, you can too. Don’t grumble. Trust Jesus.

Pastor Matt preaching on Numbers 11:1-35

Full manuscript available at Pastor Matt’s blog.

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Grumbling (Part Two) – 5 May 2013

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