Filled With Glory – 29 June 2014

Ephesians is letter written by the apostle Paul. Most of Paul’s letters are written to a specific church or individual, but Ephesians, even though it’s addressed to the church in Ephesus, is written with a very global scope. This is very much a letter to all Christians everywhere. It’s a letter for us. Cody Crumrine helps us walk through a part of this letter and shows us God’s plan: We were made to be filled with God’s glory. That’s the plan. That is what we are made for – for God’s glory. He helps us pull three points of application from the text: 1. Don’t Be Discouraged – Approach God With Confidence, 2. Pray For Strength – In Your Inner Being, and 3. Root Yourself In Love.

Cody Crumrine preaching on Ephesians 3:1-21.

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Filled With Glory – 29 June 2014

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