Unshaken Moms – 12 May 2019

Our text today is not your normal Mother’s Day text. It’s not Proverbs 31 or something like that. And it’s from a guy’s perspective. It’s written by King David. But you know what? Being a mom is, I think, a lot like being a king. Because you know what I think the hardest part of being a king is? It’s being responsible. Moms often feel a great deal of responsibility. Kings often are attacked. Moms feel overwhelmed and attacked. There is a lot of stress in running a kingdom. Moms feel a great deal of stress too.  This message will remind you to tell your soul to trust in God. It will remind you to tell others to trust in God. It will encourage you to tell God you trust in Him.

Pastor Matt preaching on Psalm 62.

Full manuscript available at Pastor Matt’s blog.

You can listen here or “Right-Click” and “Save-as” to download the sermon:

Unshaken Moms – 12 May 2019

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We all face seasons of disappointment. As followers of Christ we don’t receive an exemption card that allows us immunity from hardships and heartbreaks. Every trial provides us the choice to focus on the problem or to focus on His empowering grace. As we study this week’s passage, we’re going to talk about how focusing on God’s grace and the gospel makes the difference between victory or defeat. Join us for Sunday School at 9:00am for Session 8 - Focused ...

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Does our culture over emphasize self-reliance? Whether subtly or overtly by media outlets, billboards, magazines, or corporate seminars, we are motivated toward a self-confident life. Yet God’s Word compels us toward a life of Christ-confidence. In this week’s passage we’ll learn how we can make a difference in our world by relying on His strength.

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